Pictures of Castles

A guide in pictures to medieval castles in England, Wales, Ireland and Europe

About the Pictures of Castles website

The reason of this castle website is simple. Three of my hobbies are photography, visiting castles and creating websites. This site is simply a combination of three of my hobbies. I hope you'll spend some time browsing the site and that you'll end up visiting a couple of castles yourself.

If you are looking for a picture of a castle for your school report or project, please be my guest. You may use my pictures for personal non commercial use as long as you provide credits to [ / Marijn Kampf] at each picture you've used.

About the author

My name is Marijn Kampf and I was born in the Netherlands in 1978. In 2005 I moved to the United Kingdom and I've lived in Cardiff for a couple of years. I'm now living in Llantwit Major after a couple of years in South Ireland. For some of my non castle related pictures have a look at