Pictures of Castles

A guide in pictures to medieval castles in England, Wales, Ireland and Europe

Pictures of Castles

in England, Ireland and Wales

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    Overview of castles in England I've photographed. Ranging from small castle too the most famous one: the Tower of London.
    • 7843 Castle Ruins with view to Church.jpg

      Bristol Castle

      A few pictures of the remains of Bristol Castle.
    • 12062 Dover Castle.jpg

      Dover Castle

      I haven't had the time to visit Dover Castle itself. I have made a couple of pictures from the ferry passing through Dover on my way home. Dover Castle is high on my list for castles worth a longer visit.
    • 3266 Tower of London.jpg

      Tower of London

      One of the most famous and most popular castles in England is the Tower of London. Here you can find a selection of pictures and some interesting info.
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    Overview of castles in Ireland I've photographed. Most castles photographed are located in southern and western Ireland or around Dublin.
    • 23545-23546 Cahir Castle Gardens Planet.jpg

      Cahir Castle

      Pictures of Cahir Castle: One of Ireland's largest and best preserved castles.
    • 15822_B Dublin Castle Bermingham Tower.jpg

      Dublin Castle

    • 19215 Dunguaire Castle, Owenbristy, County Galway.jpg

      Dunguaire Castle

      Dunguaire Castle (Irish: Dún Guaire) is a 75 foot tower house on the south-eastern shore of Galway Bay in County Galway, Ireland. The 16th-century castle and its defensive wall have been restored.
    • 22122 Fethard Castle.jpg

      Fethard Castle

      Remains of Fethard, a medieval Castle first created by Anglo Normans
    • 15933 Malahide castle.jpg

      Malahide Castle

      Pictures of the outside of Malahide Castle
    • 22572 Roses at Kilkenny Castle.jpg

      Kilkenny Castle

      Kilkenny stately castle features extensive gardens, access to the castle is only by guided tour.
    • 27441 Cargoile at Waterford Castle through leaves.jpg

      Waterford Castle

      Waterford castle is set on 'Little' island which is set in the river Suir on the outskirts of Waterford city. Waterford castle is now a hotel on it's own private island.
  • Wales flag001


    Overview of castles in Wales I've photographed. Most photos are of castles in South Wales (as that's where I live).
    • 12366 Abergavenny castle through willow tree.jpg

      Abergavenny Castle

      Pictures and a short visitors description of Abergavenny Castle. This medieval castle is definitely worth a visit.
    • 7369 Crossed view on Cliffs.jpg

      Aberystwyth Castle

      A few pictures of Aberystwyth Castle just before sunset.
    • 12997 Caldicot castle main gates.jpg

      Caldicot Castle

      Caldicot castle is definitely worth visiting since there is a lot left to see. View pictures from around and inside the castle.
    • 18311 Tent at Cardiff Castle.jpg

      Cardiff Castle

      View pictures of Cardiff castle through all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    • 7086 Tower with Moon.jpg

      Castle Coch

      The Welsh 'Castell Coch' means 'Red Castle' in English, the remains you currently see are a 19th-century Gothic Revival castle built on the remains of a real 13th-century castle.
    • SX16175 Carreg Cennen Castle on top of distant cliffs seen through trees.jpg

      Carreg Cennen Castle

      Carreg Cennen Castle is an impressive ruin on top of high limestone cliffs. It offers quite a bit to explore, climbing up the walls or tower gives you impressive views of the country side. Bring a torch (or hire one from the shop) as there is a dark cave underneath the castle that can be explored.
    • 7510-llantrisant-castle.jpg

      Llantrisant Castle

      Two pictures of the last remaining wall of Llantrisant castle. One of the historically most important castles in Glamorgan.
    • 16277 Monnow Bridge and Gate.jpg

      Monmouth Castle

      The tower and the hall are the only surviving structures from Monmouth medieval Castle. A short walk away you can find Monnow Bridge and Gate are the only fortified mediaeval bridge in the UK where the gate tower stands on the actual bridge.
    • 9114 View over Outer Walls.jpg

      Pembroke Castle

      Pembroke Castle a Norman Castle featuring many passages, spiral stair cases and impressive views. Loads to explore!
    • 20152 Gatehouse and Closet Tower.jpg

      Raglan Castle

      Raglan Castle is an impressive castle. The views from the Great Tower are very impressive on a clear day. Even if the weather is less nice, it still offers loads of interesting nooks and crannies to discover.
    • SX14565-14568 II Gatehouse St Quentin's Castle, Llanblethian, Cowbridge.jpg

      St Quentin's Castle Llanblethian

      The castle is located in Llanblethian near Cowbridge, South Wales and stands in a loop of the River Thaw on a low ridge with natural slopes on three sides.

    • 9193-castle-tower-on-hill.jpg

      Tenby Castle

      The remains of Tenby Castle are situated in the very nice town Tenby. Only one tower remains, but remnants of the city walls can be seen throughout the town.
    • 16130-16133 White Castle Shadow of tree on castle wall.jpg

      White Castle

      The White Castle gets its name from the coat of white rendering that once covered it's walls.