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A guide in pictures to medieval castles in England, Wales, Ireland and Europe

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More pictures of Tower of London

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  • 3160-3162 White Tower.jpg

    White tower and Jewel tower

    Pictures of the White Tower & Jewel Tower at London Castle
  • 3148 Bell Tower.jpg

    Other Towers

    View pictures of other towers in London Castle: Bell Tower, Byward Tower, St Thomas Tower and Salt Tower.
  • 3164 Yeomon Warder.jpg

    Yeoman Warders

    The Yeoman warders are the famous guards at the Tower of London. Read about their history and view pictures.
  • 3219 Guard at Gueen's House.jpg


    Here you can find some pictures taking in the courtyard of the Tower of London.
  • 3170 Story Teller.jpg


    There are several performances and demonstrations throughout the castle grounds.
  • 3227 Standing Armour.jpg


    Some pictures from inside the Tower of London. Standing armour, wine caskets and models of the Tower in earlier days.