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Pictures of Carreg Cennen Castle

Carreg Cennen Castle is an impressive ruin on top of high limestone cliffs. It offers quite a bit to explore, climbing up the walls or tower gives you impressive views of the country side.

Bring a torch (or hire one from the shop) as there is a dark cave underneath the castle that can be explored.



The castle's origins probably lie in the twelfth century, when the Lord Rhys (d. 1197), Welsh prince of Deheubarth, built a stronghold and administrative centre for Is-cennen. Today's remaining ruins however, are those of a later castle built mainly by John Giffard, an English lord who fought with Edward I to defeat the Welsh in 1283.


His plan to rebuild the foritifcations seems to have been carried out in three separate phases over the following thirty years or more.

Carreg Cannen remained in English hands, but fell temporarily to the Welsh in 1403 during Owain Glyn Dwr's uprising.

Eventually to prevent it becoming a base for local robbers, 500 men were paid a total of £28.5s.6d. to demolish the castle in 1462.

Around Carreg Cennen Castle

The surrounding countryside offers nice tracks and paths to hike in a wide circle around the castle, providing excellent views of the castle nestled high on top of the cliff.



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Source historic information: boards on site