Pictures of Castles

A guide in pictures to medieval castles in England, Wales, Ireland and Europe

Pictures of Monmouth Castle and Monnow Bridge & Gate

The tower and the hall are the only surviving structures from the medieval castle. The great tower dates from the 12th century and the original entrance was at first floor level. The upper floor served as hall and Lord's chamber, connected by spiral stair to a plain ground floor cellar. The present ground floor door was created in the 13th century, when the great hall was added.

In the 14th century the fine traceries windows and lofty door where added. King Henry V was probably born here in 1387. The great hall was built around 1270 and was a single storey building constructed to hold the courts of the Lordship. Three walls stand to full height with the remains of three windows (one of which was later converted into a door).


Monnow Bridge and Gate are the only fortified mediaeval bridge in the UK where the gate tower stands on the actual bridge. The stone bridge was created in the 13th century. Below the existing stone bridge remnants of a previous wooden bridge have been found. The gate house on the bridge was created in the beginning of the 14th century.


All traffic used to go over the bridge, however in 2004 a new bridge has opened for cars and the bridge is now pedestrianised.