Pictures of Castles

A guide in pictures to medieval castles in England, Wales, Ireland and Europe

Pictures of Cardiff Castle in spring

Cardiff Castle is located in the city centre and is adjacent to a large park. When visiting the castle do have a walk around and have a peak in the flower garden.


From the park you can see the various towers (re)built by Lord Bute at the end of the 19th Century.



From the grounds you can view and climb the remains of the Norman Keep.

The top of the tower offers amazing views



Castle walls from the park


What is left of the moat is connected to the River Taff further up river.

Rooms in Cardiff Castle

An entry to ticket Cardiff Castle used to be either "grounds only" or "grounds and a tour". I can recommend joining the tour when you visit the Castle. It wasn't not allowed to take pictures during the tour, but recently they have included some of the rooms in the "grounds ticket" and they now allow photography inside.

You can no view various rooms in Cardiff Castle. These include the Arab room.


The Geat hall


and the library.